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Extended klinks allow you to move with less restriction providing 2.5 inches of awesomeness.  This is a great fit for individuals that require rapid, succesional movement in a wide arrange of motion.  Or, if you just got a buddy with big forearms.  Either application works great.

Klinks – One roll cuff control. These aren’t cuff links, they’re better!*

*No snobby French Cuff required


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Our extended version of Klinks are designed for the individual that wants to roll his sleeve up higher … Or for the person that has Popeye forearms.

Extended Klinks will give you an extra half inch of clearance around your cuff.  While the look isn’t quite as precises as the standard length Klinks, our customers have noted it’s a little more comfortable and allows better motion.  If you are working in an environment where you are constantly reaching (waiting tables perhaps, or the drummer for GWAR) these are your Klinks.

Personally, I wear them on Fridays and pull my convertible cuff up to my elbow.  Stays all day.

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