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Klinks – One roll cuff control. These aren’t cuff links, they’re better!*

*No snobby French Cuff required

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Wondering if onyx Klinks are right for you?  Do you enjoy looking great?  Do you think ironed shirts look better than shirts you just got out of the dirty clothes pile on the floor of your mom’s house (may have taken this too far)?  Then onyx Klinks are definitely for you.  Same quality as the original Klinks but these are, you guessed it, polished black.

These bad girls (or boys, we’re not sexist at KlinksCuff) will make any convertible cuff look clean and pressed to the shirt.  They are black so they will blend in with darker colors, or make a statement with lighter button-ups.  A very versatile accessory that everyone should have.

I wear mine with lighter purple convertible cuffed shirts, they really stand out.


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × .5 × .2 in


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